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Wild Horses

Helmeringhausen is quite famous for its love of animals. A few months ago a Springbok, now called "Muckie", and last month 2 little cats joined the caring family at the hotel.

Once you think it could not get any more - two horses join the animalic crew. They are former racing horses from Cape Town which have spend the last 5 years in freedom at the farm. The kids, Niko & Kita, found them together with one of the Austrian interns, Sabina, by accident, while they were hiking around the farm a few days ago. Luckily Sabina knows how to tame wild horses and after hours of trying to get them back to the hotel - it was finally done.

Fearlessly and brave Sabina got up on the first horse and was riding it immediately. It seemed as the horses have never forgotten how it works from their past.

After cleaning all the old saddles and bridles it was the kids turn to ride the big and beautiful horses. Thanks to Sabina, who obviously is a professional in dealing with horses, it was not a big challenge but and amazing experience for the Niko & Kita.

Autor:  Michael 
Datum: 06.03.2015
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